Travelling with Family and Friends

Traveling with family and friends is always fun. When you travel with your family, it creates a strong bond of togetherness and creates more love, cares towards the family members. Hiking and Trekking is not possible with family because it involves a lot of danger and time. If you want to travel with family, it is better to travel some of the picturesque places and where you can enjoy doing different activities with them.  So, these are the two most suitable places, where you can travel with them to have maximum fun and enjoy the time with them.

Pokhara City

Pokhara is known as the city of lakes. It is the tourist capital of Nepal. Along with foreigners, this city has been the most sought destinations for Nepalese city. Pokhara is a very beautiful city, with its moderate climate. There are tons of activities that you can do with your family and friends. The first thing is boating in different lakes. Barahi temple which is located in the middle of the famous Phewa Lake. You can visit this temple and worship the god. On reaching the center of the temple, you can get a vivid view of the whole Phewa lake and other famous mountains. Mountain museum is another  beautiful place to go with the family. If you want to feel some adventure then, you can visit caves like Mahendra cave and Chamero Cave. Davis fall is the place where you can enjoy the beautiful site of that location. If you want to get the view of famous mountains of Nepal then Sarangkot is the perfect location. Sarangkot hills offer the perfect site. This site offers peace of mind and that scenic view will make you forget all your worries. The walk-in Pokhara city will also amaze you with its beauty. When you are in Pokhara the not to be missed place is “Lake Side “. The perfect music in the restaurants and fine dining will definitely give you the best time with your family.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National park is a very famous location. It is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Chitwan national park offers tons of things to do with family and in fact, it can be said as one of the perfect places to enjoy with family. The very first thing to do is – Jungle Safari. Jungle safari will give you an insight into the national park where you get a chance to encounter much wildlife and enjoy nature. The other activity is an elephant ride. Elephant ride is a popular activity and you should try this activity with your family. You can visit the elephant breeding center, and try bird watching, canoe ride.


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