Things to do In Kathmandu in Spare Time

Kathmandu is the Capital city of Nepal. It is the most populated and crowded city in Nepal. With that population there comes a lot of opportunities, places, and things to do. When you are in Kathmandu I bet you, you won’t be bored any single day.

Kathmandu has so much to offer places, offices, universities, park, museum, nightlife and many more. So, let us look at some of the things that we can do in Kathmandu in our spare.

  1. Visit Thamel

Thamel is the most vibrant places in Kathmandu, and it turns out to be the most famous tourist destination. In Thamel, there are hundreds of shops selling Nepali items from art, craft, sculpture, paintings to Nepali clothing’s, hiking, trekking equipment and many more. When it gets dark, then only we will see the real vibes of Themel. Packed with hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bar, you will see more people having quality time there. Nightlife is the best time to enjoy in Thamel. Most of the restaurants are opened till 12 am while clubs and pubs play music till 2 to 4 am.

  1. Visiting Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is located at the entrance of Thamel. This garden as the name says “Garden of Dreams” is a dream garden. This garden is planted with beautiful floras. Ponds, fountains, greenery is the perfect spot to cherish the serenity. Garden of dreams is a popular destination place in Kathmandu.

  1. Visiting Royal Botanical Garden

Royal botanical garden is located in Satdobato. Quite large in size, this garden is able to plant many varieties of flora. The pond, tropical house, fountain, and greenery makes this garden a perfect spot to spend your quality time.

  1. Strolling around Ason and Indrachowk

Ason and Indrachowk are famous markets near Thamel. One of the best places for finding typical Nepali souvenir and Nepali food, this place carries a lot of Nepali history. This bustling and crowded areas might reward you will its beauty and originality.

  1. Visit the famous Narayanhiti Place Museum

Narayanhiti was a royal home of former kings of Nepal. And, now it has been turned into Museum. This place perfectly presents how our king lived in the past and how significant history it carries. The walk into the Museum will surely amaze you.

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