Thamel – the tourism capital of Kathmandu

Thamel is the most famous location in Kathmandu for tourist as well as the Nepalese. Thamel is also one of the oldest places.

Thamel has been famous for ages, the exotic vibes, shops depicting Nepali culture and tradition, and not to forget the nightlife makes this places one of the finest places.

Thamel is around 30 min of a drive from the airport. After passing the dusty and noisy roads of Kathmandu, you reach the heart of Kathmandu.

Thamel is quite famous for serving Nepali souvenir to the tourist, so when you are in Thamel you can get every variety of Nepali products. These shops represent the typical Nepali Stuff. There are tons of other shops where you can get all the equipment for your trekking and hiking.

The best time to visit Thamel is at night. Nightlife here is what makes this place most famous. Thamel is home to plenty of good restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, and spas. So, basically, this place is the perfect location for what you need in your vacations.

Walking down in Thamel gives you enjoyment. Thamel has been quite developed in recent years, so most of the locations are accessible by road or via taxi. There are beautiful temples too on this site. What I find is that Thamel is the perfect location to free yourself from the burden and worries. While you walk here, you will cherish the beauty and the good vibes will make you forget all the trouble and get lost in this beautiful location.

For a tourist, this is a dream place. Thamel is one of the most accommodated places, you can get every top-class facilities and service. Hotels are well facilitated and most importantly the food is awesome. So, this makes easy for any tourist of the world to mix in this area.

People like to visit Thamel mostly at night, in fact, we can say, Thamel is mostly opened at night. With the start of the dust, you will see people strolling in the lanes, pubs and club start with music and around 9 pm, this area becomes crowded. What I felt about this place is, you can enjoy the best time here with your friends drinking, eating and dancing in the clubs of Thamel. Thamel is the best location to escape from your hectic and monotonous life.


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